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Cabling & Networking

Business ethernet network cabling installation and upgrade by  Aerial Installations and Services, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Multiswitch commercial satellite system as installed by Aerial Installations and Services, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Data Cabling - Ethernet

Internet TV is very much part of the TV industry. Hybrid receivers such as YouView, BT Vision, Skybox and smart TVs require a stable internet connection. We can provide this Ethernet connection using CAT cabling. We also offer whole house wiring systems for houses offices and commercial properties, using the latest CAT cabling. Whether you are enhancing you existing site or have moved to a new property we will provide you with network solutions that deliver high performance.

Modern Ethernet cabling installations are resilient against interference and environmental damage.

HDMI Cabling

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is an innovative technology enabling the integration of multimedia devices and providing the excellent digital quality picture and audio transmission.

The HDMI standard is supported by all computer and TV formats - including High Definition, 3D and standard or advanced digital, allowing you to combine your computer and Internet with the very latest High Definition television services, monitors, home theatre, projectors, PlayStations, DVD players and speaker systems.

Aerial Installation & Services can design an HDMI cable network to connect your various entertainment devices. Contact us with your requirements.

 Phone Sockets and Extensions

Whether at home or business there are many occasions that extra phone sockets and extensions can be required. You may need an extra phone socket for an attic conversion or building extension or in an existing bedroom.

Business Phone Installations

Save time and money by installing phone extensions around your office, in security huts, bars, garage workshops, warehouses or around factory buildings etc.

We can
If you need a telephone socket moved or a new phone extension installed just contact us.